The tourist farm offers 19 beds. Three apartments suitable for four people, a double room and a five bedded room. The three apartments for four people are equipped with a bathroom with shower, a dining room and a refrigerator. Two apartments have a kitchen. The double room and the five bedded room are separated and have a shared bathroom. Free wireless internet is provided and a computer is available by prior arrangement.

Apartment 1

Apartma 1

Apartment 1a

Apartma 1

Apartment 1b

Apartment 2

Apartma 2

Apartment 2a

Apartma 2

Apartment 2b

Apartment 3

Apartma 3

Apartment 3a

Apartma 3

Apartment 3b

Room 1

Soba 1

Room 1a


Room 1b

Room 2

Soba 2

Room 2a

Soba 2

Room 2b