The Farm’s Surroundings

The Šteberk Castle ruins

Due to the castle’s remote location its ruins have been preserved till the present day. The castle’s walls have been built with carved stones in a Romanesque style. The two entrances and east wall are best preserved. The castle’s ruins are important for the understanding of the local architecture development that is why Šteberk is one of the most valuable castles in the Notranjska region. The castle is located 1km from the farm.

The Šteberg Spring

The spring is located 1km away from the farm under the Križna gora hill. The water that flows through the Križna jama cave forms the Stržen stream.

The Križna Gora Hill

The Križna gora hill stands 857 m tall. At the top of the hill there is the Pilgrimage Church of the Holly Cross. It is located above the Lož Valley. Križna gora has been one of the most important Early Iron Age sites (since the 8th century BC) in the Notranska region and an important place of pilgrimage.The top of Križna gora is surrounded by beautiful views of the Racna gora hill, the Snežnik mountain and the Lož Valley. The hike from the farm to the top of Križna gora lasts only 45 minutes.

The Slivnica Hill

The Slivnica hill (1114 m) which according to the local legend is the home of witches is located above the Lake Cerknica. You can reach the top by foot or by car. The hill is a well-known paragliding and hand-gliding take-off point.The witches’ mountain peak is surrounded by breathtaking views of the Cerknica Plain, Lake Cerknica and the Menišija plateau. The mountain hut on the Slivnica hill offers tasty refreshments for hikers. The hike from the farm to the top of Slivnica hill lasts an hour and a half.

The Križna Jama Cave

The cave is noted for the discovery of cave bear bones and of 22 subterranean lakes with sinter’s barrier. You may choose between the short and the long tour. The short tour to the first lake lasts one hour the long tour lasts four hours. The cave is in walking distance (3km) of the farm. You can arrange a visit to the cave with the members of the farm or by visiting the website: