The farm’s dining room is divided in two parts. The first part is suitable for 35 guest, the second for 20 guests.

Every morning pleasant fragrances come from the kitchen. Organic food and fruit beverages produced on the farm are offered. Vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides and different crops are cultivated manually. Excellent home-made meat products and dairy products (milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt) are produced. Chicken are raised on pasture and fresh chicken eggs are offered. Bread is prepared from home- made flour. Delicious tea is made out of freshly gathered herbs, mushrooms and forest fruits are picked for the farm’s needs. Home-made brandy and liquors are produced from a variety of fruits. Apple press is used for the production of natural apple vinegar and juice. Dried fruits and home-made jam are prepared and stored for the winter.

A gastronomic specialty is the Notranjska region turnip cabbage soup prepared with meat or meatless. Traditional dishes such as herbal soup and chive rolled dumplings are prepared. The crackling cake, cottage cheese cake and walnut cake are the most popular among guests. Also vegetable pies and vegetables with cereals (spelt, millet porridge) are prepared. It is difficult to resist to freshly baked bread (single, pumpkin, wholegrain bread). Meat lovers will be surprised with the variety of meat products offered such as horse meat, veal rolls stuffed with bread and traditionally prepared turkey fillet. In winter seasonal meat is offered and other meat specialties. Guest’s wishes regarding food preparation are taken into account.